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Man Of Steel

Man Of Steel:

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I still remember watching the SUPERMAN (1978 movie), back when I was about 10 years old. He was my very first super-hero! So when Warner Bros. announced that the reboot will be penned by The Dark Knight trilogy writers and directed by Znyder, I knew I had something great to watch out for, from "The Nolan Magic Shop".
So, finally, when I did watch the film, a midst high expectations, I was relieved that it didn't disappoint, but it wasn't another dark knight either. But let's not run into comparisons.
    Znyder definitely delivers a great film, A superman film that all we fans can proudly call ours (unlike the last disaster called 'Superman Returns'). To start it off, I do have to tell you that the film-makers have tried something completely different from the contemporary action movies. The camera is always set at some different awkward angle, and sometimes it feels like they have shot even the action scenes with a hand held camera high in the air. But this is all okay and enjoyable. Because that's what Znyder usually does to his films, he brings something new to the film-making table. 

    The movie was shot in epic proportions (or at least it looked like it). The story line was perfect for Superman to showcase all his powers. The action scenes will set this movie apart from the others of its class. Znyder works his magic again in there (remember 300?).The background score deserves a standing applause, for, it set the tone to the entire film! ?(And I can almost hear people shouting when that background score repeats during the entrance of superman in Man Of Steel-2). There's not much humor though, that we have so got used to in all the super-hero films, thanks to Robert Downey Jr. for that, but the movie makes up with this glitch with General ZOD, the super-antagonist of this movie.
     For me the cinematography was really disappointing. One just cannot accept this from Warner bros nor from Znyder, but once again I might just have expecting too much. Few of the scenes have been unnecessarily on the darker side testing my usual patient self to its limits with this experimental film making at such a large scale.And last of all, great performance by Henry cavil as the Superman. He carries the movie forward with his expressions. Kudos! 
In short, Man of Steel is great, action packed, super hero stuff! Don't miss it.

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