Friday, 8 August 2014

Guardians Of the Galaxy

"A bunch of A-holes"
First things first, Guardians of the Galaxy is fun. Ultimate 122 minutes of fun. It basically has everything that you want from a Marvel film- action, comedy, story, more action and more comedy (and for Indians, yes, there is also emotion).

Guardians of the Galaxy takes us deeper into the Marvel universe with this interesting plot and new set of characters- who are going to garner huge fan base after this one (I myself have got two new favorites Groot and Rocket). They have got a bit of the loveable Jack Sparrowish attitude that hugely works for them in their favor.

Bradley Cooper voicing over for Rocket and Vin Diesel for Groot- the only big names of this film- do an amazing job. And so does Chris Pratt playing ‘Star Lord’ (yes Star Lord, we have now heard about you) or simply, Peter Quill. Chris has surely got the right dance moves for the right tracks (as would be evident if you see the film).

The director, James Gunn, who I and many others have never heard of before, does well to make us remember his name with this film. He holds the movie together by bringing all the departments to punch over and above the expectations placed on them.

Like Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy too relies, and rightfully so, on comedy that will leave you in splits many times right through the film. Marvel seems to have perfected the art of blending comedy into action so well that they are outdoing themselves with each film. So Kudos to the creative team that works for Marvel- the writers, the directors and of course, the actors- for creating few of the best action/comedy movies in recent times.

And special mention to the soundtrack and Editing work! Oh My God! “Awsome mix Vol.1” is the star! The soundtrack plays at all the rights times, accompanied with editing that cuts through from one scene to another with such an immaculate comic timing that you would wonder if Tony Stark is the editor of the film.
"I am Groot"

Marvel is well and truly on a roll. If there is a formula to make super hero movies with right bits of everything in them, then Marvel seems to have nailed it. Watch this film with your friends or family over the weekend, just to wind off, and you would be thoroughly entertained.  

Finally, ‘I am Groot’  ‘I am Groooot’ ‘I am Groot’ (Translation: As original as superhero movies can get. Don’t miss this one!) 

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