Friday, 21 February 2014


After Bhaag milkha bhaag, this is the only movie coming from the bollywood factory that I actually looked forward to watch. And my interest, initially, had got to do with only two factors: Imtiaz Ali and AR Rahman. 

And Highway happens to be the best of Imtiaz till date, not only because he managed to make a film from the simplest of concepts, but because he narrated that story with deep philosophy, reflecting some of the appalling complexities plaguing everyday lives.

This movie, simply put, is an emotional ride. If Student of the year introduced Alia Bhatt as an actress, then Alia Bhatt introduces, Alia the actress, in Highway. It is the innocence in Alia’s character that makes this whole story so believable, and also light-hearted.  She, along with Randeep Hooda, has done an exceptional job in portraying characters carrying scars of the past, in an unexpected journey (No, not the hobbit like adventure) through the picturesque settings of northern India.

But it is not just direction or acting that make this film such an experience, there is the AR Rahman factor showing its presence throughout the film. To compose music for a journey riddled with so many emotions is a tough job any given day, but the Mozart of Madras delivers as he always does. There are a few scenes where, Imtiaz just hold the frame, and the expressions and music speak the emotions. Kudos to the well written dialogues too!

There is only so much one man can do, sometimes, everybody has to kick in and in that process there is a good enough chance that they create something great, and for me, Highway did just that. It was an joyous watch for me. Loved all of the 130 minutes.   Do not miss this to take this ride of the highway ;) :D

PS: And I am forewarning you, not to take my word for this film, because I have always loved Imtiaz’s work, his brand of films like “Love Aaj Kal” and “Rockstar”, though which were ridiculed by many, remain for me as few of the well made films of bollywood.


  1. Very well written....i would say that Ali is master in understanding the character's and their emotions, feelings and reaction in a particular situation and the romantic angle shown in his films is so believable,realistic, not like typical yash chopra and karan johar type

  2. hey but after bhaag milhka bhaag their were some very good movies released in hindi which where way better than bhaag milhka bhaag like Shahid,The lunchbox, Ship of theseus

  3. The best scenes from the movie:
    1: Kidnapping scene and her fiance'e not reacting
    2: Mahbir tells Veera to run away and she run run run and come back to the same place
    3: Alia's past
    4: Her dialouge before the interval
    5: Pataka guddi, and Mabhir telling Veera to go back
    6: Bus stand ka scene
    7: Veera making food and Mabhir remembering his mother at that time
    8: Last 30 minutes