Tuesday, 24 December 2013

THOR The Dark World:

THOR The Dark World:
I had gone into the theater with heavy skepticism hanging about the routine 'Marvel superhero' movies, and Marvel lived up to my skepticism, dishing out the same story in a new plate. And yet this THOR ended up being a very good watch for me. 
THOR 2 is filled with great moments right throughout the film as the screenplay covers up for the predictable story line with some exceptionally shot scenes. This superhero movie in fact offers some relatively new action scenes when compared to its contemporaries of the very category. The winner shot for it though would be its humor for it is spread very well at every twist and turn of the movie. The background music too takes the cake here. 
If you are into action movies, and especially if you have liked THOR 1, I would suggest you watch this. Hammering Entertaining 

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